Civil War journal

My name is Jackson Mcfee. I am 17. I am for the Union. I live in Aurora Indiana. It is 1862. I live with my mom Mary and my brother Joe. My dad Jim is serving for the Union and is stationed in Aiken South Carolina

Day 1

As soon as I woke up today I had to feed the dogs, pigs, and cows. Then I had to go down to the well and get some water. Then washing laundry then I clean my room. In the afternoon I helped my mom do dishes, I practice my shooting. When it gets night time I help my brother build a fire and I help prepare food for dinner. I help prepare food for the Union and I help them get their guns prepared.

Day 2

Dear dad,

We really miss you at home me mom and Joe have been wondering about you and hoping you are okay. I can't wait till you get back home so we can see you! Me and mom were reading the newspaper and we heard about the Gettysburg battle that you might of been involved in. If you are in that battle I hope you stay safe and hope you are safe.

Day 3

First I woke up and did my daily routine first I did the dishes, then I went and milked the cows, then went and got the eggs from the chicken coop. Today I helped prepare breakfast for the Union. Then I helped clean up the muskets and helped get them ready.

Dear Jackson and family,

I have missed you guys lately its been a hard time. we are winning so far. But we are struggling a little. We were so happy to get the letter from dad. We were all jumping around.

Day 5

President Abraham Lincoln got assassinated! Everyone is running around and screaming and freaking out! It is chaos! Everyone is trying to figure out what to do.

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