Calvin Coolidge


Calvin was born in Plymouth, Vermont.When he grew older he started growing into politic ladder. When Calvin ran for president,he became popular rapidly. They called it the "Coolidge prosperity. He got 52 percent of the popular vote. He received the message that he had became president. He was the ONLY U.S President to be born on Independence Day. He was very adventurous in occupations, he worked as a farmer, public servant, and a storekeeper.
He also had a family. He had a wife and two children, John Calvin Coolidge, Sr., and Victoria Josephine Moor. His wife's name is Grace Anna Goodhue and they got married in 1905. His accomplishments as President were he campaigned locally for William McKinley, then a year later he was selected to be a member for the Republican City Committee. He also won the election for the City Council of Northampton.

Born:July 4,1872
Died: January 5,1933

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