Supermarket Rush

My grandma baked me and my sister cookies but they were burnt. I asked my grandma why they were burnt and she told me the whole story. First she was at the antique store which was 27 miles from her house and then went on a slow, constant rate of 18 miles per hour (every 10 minutes she goes 3 miles) to the supermarket which took her 30 minutes to get there. Then she stayed at the supermarket which was 36 miles from her home for an hour to find the perfect rug for her living room. But then she forgot about the cookies and ran to her car and went on a very fast constant rate of 72 miles per hour (every 5 minutes she goes 6 miles) and took her 30 minutes to get to her house, she also most ran over a person and almost got caught by the police and so that was the end of her story.

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