Employee Protection

Equal Opportunities

Sometimes when applying for jobs people may be judged because of their colour, age, gender, sexuality or religion. This discrimination can make people less likely to get a job as the employee is discriminating against them.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is very important in the workplace. Especially in certain jobs, like builders and jobs that can have dangerous elements to them. If an employee gets hurt they could sue and that's not good for the workplace.

Equal Pay

Even though some people may not know, women are paid less in men in the same job. averagely men earn 12.6% more than women. Many people don't agree as women have the same capabilities as men in most jobs.

Minimum Wage

People that are 18-21 years old will generally earn £10,462 per year, this is the minimum wage. Companies can't pay less than this. Some companies pay the minimum wage to their employees so the company can get more profit.

Hours of Work

The maximum time an employee should be worked it 48 hours per week. Some employers overwork their employees which can make the employees be very tired and lethargic and can make them want to quit their job.

Sickness Leave

The maximum time you can be of sick (and paid) is 4 days. Some people may fake sick so they don't have to go to work but yet still get paid. Being off and getting paid is good for the employees as they can be off without worrying that they will lose money.


The legal amount of holiday a worker should be aloud is 28 days (minimum) These days off are paid. Some employers may offer their employees less, like 25 days, which may sound like a lot but over the course of the year it isn't. This may make employees want to have less days off.

Maternity Leave

When a couple is expecting a baby the mother is entitled to 26 weeks off and if required a further 26 weeks can be taken off. From April the mother is now allowed to share that leave with the father.