Nepal Earthquake
by Abi Vargo

The Nepal Earthquake happened on April 25, 2015. In the Nepal Earthquake, thousands of people were killed.  The Earthquake was so strong and did so much damage.  The damage left many people without homes and without businesses.  Watch the YouTube video of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake below - you may need a password if your in school.  Then click the button below for maps of the damage.  This earthquake also caused damage to other parts of the world.  

This is how severe the earthquake was. Click the button below for a before and after photo tour of select places.

Click the button below for a before and after slide map.

Under the earth's surface are plates that are constantly moving.  An earthquake is caused by the movements of the plates. There is three different type of plate movement: converging,  transform, and divergent.  

These are the three types of plate tectonics.

The Nepal Earthquake was caused by the converging, or colliding, India plate and the Eurasia plate. In this case the Eurasia plate went over the India plate. This was not the first earthquake nor will it be the last because the plates are constantly moving. The most recent one in Nepal was Sunday May 31, 2015, and it had a magnitude of 4.

The Nepal Earthquake of 2015 had around a 7.8 magnitude, and the earthquake from May 31, 2015, was a 4.

For interactive ways to learn more about the movement of plates click the two buttons below.

For more information about the Nepal Earthquake click the buttons below.

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