Biotic Factors

Abiotic Factors
~Water (321,003,271 cubic miles is in the ocean)

Carrying Capacity

needed resources to survive?
.food (limitation)
.shelter (limitation)

Animals such as fishes in the ocean fight for certain resources such as food/shelter. Depending on the amount of food there is some fishes die from starvation or not able to live in a sheltered home. An environment has a capacity level were it can only hold an certain amount of a species. sho the population number changes overtime.

limiting factors

fish to shark the shark hunts down the fish to survive while to fish try to eat other organisms

Energy roles!

producers: bacteria,seaweed

primary consumer:krill,shrimps,small fishes,squid

secondary consumer:whales,fishes

Food Chains/Webs!

Food webs are more important the chains.Food webs show more detail than a chain.Food chains show more variety of of animals in the web.Chains show a simple process.


seaweed is a example of tropism. seaweed grows in the way of light. it moves were the light is to photosynthesis


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