Third Grade Memories

By : Madison

This is when we did a Jackson Pollack art project.

Jackson Pollack

It was very messy. Everyone used a popsicle stick, red piece of string, and a paint pallet. In the picture above, you will see all of our finished product that we made. I am the second one in the redish pinkish shirt. As you can see that is was so messy, that we had to do it outside in a field.

Julian Beever with sidewalk chalk?

This project was also very messy because of the chalk

This is when we did an other art project inspired by Julian Beever when he does so much just using only colors of normal sidewalk chalk that children use.

Snap Circuits

This is my team for a snap circuit unit we did. You have to build a circuit to make a light bulb or something like that light up and glow.

What A Day

Camp Shaw-Waa-Naws-See

We had to complete a ton of tasks. One of the tasks was going across a very thin piece of string. It was VERY hard to do.  There were teams of 4 of 5.


Oh what a day.... We did an other art project inspired by MichealAngelo. He painted so many things, it is hard to count on how many that he did.

Happy Halloween

At our Halloween party, we had a lot of games and activities to play and win. One of the games was similar to bowling but with toilet paper as the pins, and a softball as the bowling ball.


We had to feel something without looking at it and try to guess what it was.

Greek Mythology

There is a study called Greek Mythology. It's a study about ancient people who made up stories about other fascinating things. In the picture, I am holding one of the people that was told in one of the stories.

Christmas time with...... Gingerbread Houses

We made gingerbread houses for our Christmas party time. They were sooo... much fun to build. The gingerbread houses also were very messy.

Henri Matisse

We made at inspired by Matisse.

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