Come to the French Trench

Plenty of warm bodies to lay your eggs!

Come to a French Trench today and we'll give you 5 free humans to lay your eggs on! You won't harm the humans only make them seriously ill, but you will benefit! But, watch out for fire and strange chemicals. Head lice and body lice, heck any kind of lice, is welcome! The French Trenches give us a great opportunity to spread our population and stay close to family. Snack on some human flesh at any hour :) Us nice lice are looking for some friends so come on down!

We also are looking for Trench Rats to come and visit! There's plenty of corpses to feed on; yummy eye balls and even make a new home in the human corpses! Produce your 880 offspring and we'll support them all! Our trenches will be thriving with friends and families of Trench Rats :)

Dysentery is also welcome! You will flourish throughout the water and make your way into the humans large intestine, make yourself comfy! Take over the entire body and get plenty of water, you will leave the human body dehydrated and they will not be able to do anything about it! You will be powerful here! 

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