inernet saftey

By: Hailee Ann Vlach

                                                  1) online safety

You shouldn't be friends with people you don't know. Because if you are texting someone that you know and you tell them to much bad things could happen.


3) don't do online dating

dont online date. Because, the person that created the online dating account could have put a picture of someone else and kidnap you and a lot of things can happen.


p                                          2) becarfull who you talk to

Becarfull who you talk to online. Because, people don't always who they say the are.

                                      4) don't tell people were you live

Don't tell people were you live unless you know them. because they could stalk you the rest of your life.

                                             5)don't use your real name

dont use your real name as a user account or any thing like that. because, if you do than people will no your name

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