Hello, my name is Wade

My Family

My family consists of me, my stepsister, my dad and stepmom. I also have a half brother my mom and stepdad.

My Pet

I have a pet dog. He is a chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix

I love traveling, I would love to go out of the country. The farthest I've been is to Destin, Florida.

I love memes and puns


I love to read, but I also like to play video games and watch Youtube. I like to watch TV and play board games with my family.Oh yeah, and also, I like to sleep.


Sport- Soccer
Color- Blue
Food- Pasta
Song- Fireflies by Owl City
Movie- 42

What I want to do when I grow up

I would like to attend college and become an engineer or make a career in the medical field.