Music Teacher

Orchestra Instructer

Reports To

School Principle

Job Purpose

To educate students about music principles and give them an appreciation for music.


  • Instructing students on music theory and practice
  • Grading students'  performance, written assignments, and class work
  • Maintaining grades and attendance records
  • Prepare, edit, and evaluate  curriculum, materials, and instruction technique
  • Inform students of events such as concerts or other performances
  • Obtain and choose needed materials for students such as books and sheet music
  • Organize and run orchestra rehearsals/classes



  • Have a Bachelor's degree and teachers certificate, most must continue education courses so that their techniques are current

Technology Skills

  • Being able to send emails to parents, students or school staff for information on events
  • Knowing how to update grades on Infinite Campus
  • Posting reports or information on a school website or blog
  • Using software such as Finale Notepad to write new music for students
  • Using programs such as Smart Music to evaluate, record, or play student's music


  • Must be capable of recognizing basic rhythms
  • Have the ability to read music
  • Perform easily and productively
  • Be able to hear notes mentally when reading them
  • Creating and improvising music, with an ability to play by ear
  • Understands simple music theory
  • Can understand and incorporate musical ideas


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