Learning Log-Digital Tech

Emily Lemon-7F

I learnt how to put a picture on to my desktop for a back ground picture

we used Google chrome because we thought it was more stable

This was me on Pixlr

This website is about taking photos then editing the photos to make them better/improve

These are some of my creations that i designed on tinkercad

This is my pink and black top hat

In this picture i was watching a video on Code Studio and this man is introducing us to new tools on the website.

This me trying to finish this task

And to be honest i am pretty bad at it.

Here i am playing other peoples games and looking inside to see how they made the game.

On scratch

This is me searching for Tinkercad.

You can tell why this is called the WORLDS HARDEST GAME because the blue dots go extremely fast up and down all at different times and it is really hard. This game is on the websites Srcatch.

this is five night at  freddys and it is soooo scary

this is me creating my AWESOME dream house and it is extremely exciting and fun.

This is my house after 2 lessons and it not finish but it is getting there.

This game for me takes a while to finish.

Today Emily Dehne helped me get into the person view.

this is my 3D creation that I made for my mum and dad.

I think it is very well done.

this is me trying to create a pivot animation video about our school values but it isn't that good its pretty bad

These two photos are of me creating my chair on  sketchup 3D

I made the collage on pixlr.

Alia Mcdonlad helped me create my chair.

After i created it i coloured it in the colours i liked.

I think it turned out good.

this is my almost complete dream house

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