ScrapESbook- 4th Quarter

E: Planting a Tree

“Yay for trees!!! Trees are awesome!” One week ago, you would not have heard me utter that statement. But after the amazing presentation and tree planting experience that I had on Tuesday, my viewpoint on trees has drastically changed. The wonderful presentation that was given to us by Daniella was very informative and educational. She provided me with many new insights that I had not had prior to her presentation. One thing she said that really stood out to me was that trees do not heal. I had always assumed that trees, like many other living things in nature, were able to repair themselves when they were injured. However, trees do not heal; they grow over their wound, and no matter ever grows in that spot again. This stuck out to me because it helped me realize that we need to protect our trees. If they get hurt, they will never heal, and our environment will never be quite the same again.

The tree presentation has inspired me to spread awareness about tree protection. In the class I had immediately after we planted our tree, I spent several minutes answering questions about it. This gave me a rare opportunity to spread awareness and teach people all the wonderful things that I had just learned. I will continue to spread awareness about trees, and advocate for trees everywhere. I also will improve the way I treat trees. I plan on placing mulch around the bases of the trees in my yard in order to keep lawnmowers from damaging the base of the tree. This will hopefully allow the tree to live successfully for many years to come.

Overall, this was an extremely rewarding, educational experience that taught me so much about the environment. I learned about why trees are important, as well as several very helpful tips on tree care. I, with the help of those around me, will work toward spreading awareness about trees and taking care of them in the best way possible. I will never forget this amazing experience, and I will be forever in awe that a piece of me will be left at Marist with this tree for many, many years to come.

E: Field Trip- Friends of the Chicago River

In the beginning, I did not think our field trip to the Chicago River would be fun. But after an exciting day, I was proven to be very wrong. On our field trip, we had many opportunities to do exciting things, such as take a stream walk, catch macroinvertebrates, test water quality, and take a hike. My favorite thing that was did was catching macroinvertebrates. I really enjoyed the activity we did in class with classifying them, but getting the chance to catch actual macroivertebrates in real life was exciting. I even took a nice swim in the stream while we were doing that!! It was so cool to get to see the several different types of macroinvertebrates that were present in the stream. It proved that several different species can all live and survive peacefully in the same environment, even if they are not the same. One important thing that I learned from the macro invertebrates exercise was that just because a type 4 macroinvertebrate is found in the water, that does not mean that the water is polluted. Though we found some type 4 (suggesting polluted water) macroinvertebrates, the water turned out to have a fair water quality. This shows how important it is to be thorough when doing scientific tests or experiments. Overall, our field trip was a very fun and educational experience that taught me so much and was rewarding in so many different ways.