Our Lumbee Tribe

Princess and Jenna

how to pronounce  it  lum-bee


Our lumbee tribe is one of the largest tribe in north carolina. they have tradition outfits because they have prom, homecoming, and when a baby is born they have a party. here is what the girls wore. A southern styled dress with pincone patchwork. this has been like this since 1970.

Were they came from)

They came from Roberson county north carolina and they still live there today.

The way of life)

Thier way of life is that they use a dog or a hound dog to find there food.They digged for water because they did not have as many wells in the town.  they have no division in there cabins. there daily rounds are milking , feeding, gathering, and hog killing.


There clothing are beaded headband for both boy and girl. sharols porcupine rouches for men.wright indian shawl for women. Also Native american dance outfits and moccasins for also both men and women.


For the concil for lumbee has 7 people both boy and girl and for the leader is when the one leader dies and has a kid when it grows up it becomes the leader.

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