#google cardboard

Day 1

for my 20%  stem projcet im doing the google card bored  (its soooo cool)

Day 2

today i watched a vidio of how the google cardbord works on youtube

Day 3

today i watch a intervie concert thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFog2gMnm4 it explanes who created it and how its created

Day 4

i countied watching the conferns it was very entersting

Day5 and 6

i helped sam buld his google cardbored and them it came apart and then put it back togrther with tape lots and lots of tape (lol). We use a youtube video to try  and put it together and i made new friend it was a pretty good day  i love stem  

Day 7

i want to know how to make a drone flying app using google cardboard

Day 8

i need to know h0wn to program a google cardboard app the can connect to the drone and makw it flyb

Day 9

l almost know how google cardboard work.

Day 10

i need to plug in app from unity to make a google cardboard game

Day 11

today im testing out my plastic google cardboard with sam and reshearing how to make your own app for google cardboard


today i did more researcher  


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Couple spelling errors but fine overall