Melt Proof Container

Physical Science 9

Group Members:

Erica Larijani

Anna Welch

Isaac Rainey

Ashley Siegle

Cost List!

Felt: $1.00

Wax Paper: $0.90

Cotton Balls: $2.50

Tape: $2.50

Small Plates: $0.15

Large Plates: $0.30

Total Cost: $7.35

We took the cotton balls home and froze them, thinking they would help insulate.
Frozen cotton balls.
Isaac trying to break the cotton balls apart.
The box before we filled it.
The side of our box.
Our ice surrounded by frozen cotton balls.
Our finished design before we put the top on it.


Test#                             Time                               Temperature in Celsius

1                                      11:40                                      -10 degrees

2                                      12:40                                     -9 degrees

3                                     1:40                                         -6 degrees

4                                     2:40                                          -5 degrees

5                                     3:40                                            -2 degrees

Job Analysis

I believe our product did meet design specifications. It started at a very cold temperature, and it only gained 8 degrees over the course of 4 hours. The total cost of our project was $7.35, which was a little more than what we anticipated. Our team worked well together, but our work was pretty average, it definitely could have been much better. The biggest challenge for our company was coming up with ideas, but we were able to overcome that obstacle. Something that could have made our job easier, would have been a wider variety of materials.

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