Megan Cortina

I'm freshman at Girard High School.  I have 4 siblings. Two bothers, an older brother that's a junior at prep and a younger brother that's in sixth grade.  I also have two sister, an older sister that's a freshman at Kent State and a younger sister that's also in sixth grade.  I am the middle child.  I live right by the lake so I love to go to the beach.  I'm on an all-star cheer team. Sour gummies worms is all time favorite food.

Three Things About Myself

All-Star Cheer

I've been doing cheerleading since I was 5.  Currently I'm on a all-star senior level 4 team, Titanium.  I cheer at the gym X-Cel Athletics.  I spend most of my time at the gym practicing.  Last year I was at a Different gym, Cheer Vibe.  At Cheer Vibe last year, my team made it to the Summit. The Summit is one of the most hardest competitions to be able to compete at.


I really love to travel to new places around the world.  If I could I would just travel the world the rest of my like.  I've been to a bunch of different places around the world with my family but I've also traveled without them.  Last summer I went on a people to people trip around Europe.  I went to France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy for 19 days with kids I barely knew.  I made so many new friends, experienced so many new things, and had such a amazing time.

Marilyn Monroe

I love Marilyn Monroe.  I think an inspirations to all young women. She was also a really great actress.


One of my goals is to get my round-off back handspring full on the ground by the middle of December. To achieve this goal I am going to make sure I go to gymnastics every week.  Another one of my goals is I want to go college for fashion.  I'm going to try to get really good grades in high school, and try to get into a really good fashion school. My last goal is I want live in New York City, once I'm done with college.  Make sure I finish college and find a job.

Place I want to Visit

The place I want to visit is Greece.  I heard it is really pretty there.  Also i think it would be so much fun to travel there and explore it.

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