Chicago Blues
By: Emily Patton

Chicago: My Home

By: Emily Patton

The Chicago area was inhabited by many Algonquian people, such as the Mascouten and Miami. These tribes were connected through trading and hunting migrations to each other. In 1671, Potawatomi Indians, who led East Chicago, took a French trader named Nicholas Perrot to the Miami villages, where our modern day Chicago is now. In the 18th century, Chicago was inhabited with Potawatomi Indians. They gained control over The Miami tribe, Sauk tribe, and Fox tribe. Chicago is the French version of the Miami-Illinois word shikaakwa, meaning 'stinky onion'. It is named this because of the common plants found alongside the Chicago river.

Chicago, to me, means home. It is where you will find Margie's Ice Cream. It is where you'll find our deep dish pizza. It is where you'll discover how beautiful our buildings are, and how creative our town is. The big bean in Millennium Square, the Buckingham fountain, street art, are just a few of the many other wonderful things to see in Chicago. It is where people come together at the House of Blues and listen to their favorite singer, where strangers chant in rhythm to their favorite Chicago team, and where many people gather around to the watch the air and water show. This place helps people be what they want to be by providing dozens of colleges and universities, all unique in their own way to ensure education. The University of Chicago has its own huge library made up of wonderful books for students to read. Not only is the university dedicated to teaching, it has its own fun moments. When I visited the university I was greeted by many wondrous people who made life seem like a blast. They were kind, helpful, and loving. This is Chicago.

Phone Scam Interview

By: Emily Patton

Our interviewee is a local housewife and mother named Candi. She has 3 children; 2 female and 1 male. When she was an adolescent she didn't have cell phones growing up, she had the outdoors and radio. When the home phones came out, Candi bought one. And when technology created the cell phone she bought one for herself, her husband, and her two children. Now she keeps watch of her children's privacy through their mobile phone. Here is the interview with Candi:

Emily: Hello, Miss Patton. How are you doing?

Candi: I'm doing alright. How are you?

Emily: Quite well. Now tell me, how long have you had a cell phone?

Candi: A cell phone? I guess around about... 5 years. Unless you count Nokia to be a cell phone. Then way much longer. If you're talking about today's technology, then it's been around nearly 5 years now.

Emily: Interesting. Have scammers ever called you?

Candi: Dozens of times. They would always ask for my credit card number, or saying that I won a trip to go somewhere, or I have won a million dollars. It's stupid. I don't buy into that crap.

Emily: Do you remember the first scammer who called you?

Candi: (Nods) Well, I mean sort of. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I remember that I was being called saying that my husband won a trip to go on a boat trip and they would deposit the check in their honor. I hung up immediately. Stupid.

Emily: Do you remember the last scammer who called you?

Candi: (Nods) It was a few weeks ago. I got a number from a random 10000000 number. I had gotten done making dinner when they called. I told my son to answer it and when he did he hung up immediately and said that it was some scam bullcrap.

Emily: Now, I understand that you had a home phone. Were there any scammers back in the day?

Candi: Barely. I guess it's because it took effort back in the day is why they didn't ever call. Maybe they called other houses. I barely remember them ever calling with the home phone.

Emily: Nearly all your children have cell phones. If the scammer were to call them, do you think they'd tell you about it?

Candi: (Slight laugh) They've told me about it before. I don't know why, though. What am I supposed to do? All I do is say to ignore it. We've even joked about how to play a trick on the scammer. Next time we call I'm giving the phone to my son so he can do his impression of Obama. That should scare them. (Slight laughter again)

Emily: Have you given your children the talk about scammers and why they shouldn't fall into the scam?

Candi: A talk? No. All I've told them is to ignore it. That's it's stupid scammers who are trying to take credit cards and their information. What more is there to talk about? They've listened to me so far. So, I guess it works either way with or without a talk.

Emily: Do you think there is anything the police can do to help lower the scams?

Candi: I've never thought about it, but I guess they could probably track the place it's all coming from, if possible..

Emily: Thank you.

Candi: You're welcome.

Spread of MERS virus in Illinois

By: Emily Patton

Being a Chicago citizen, it makes it hard for everyone to not gain an opinion on something that's happening in Chicago. My opinion would have to be about the MERS virus that's happening in Illinois. MERS is short for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. The MERS virus is a viral respiratory disease caused by novel coronavirus that was identified in 2012 in Saudi Arabia. Recently, a man who visited the Middle East came to America, specifically Indiana. The man then traveled to Illinois and visited his friend. There, his friend gained the contagious virus. The law found out about the virus and kept the man with the MERS virus in solitude because the virus is indeed contagious if you get too close to the man. There is no cure to the virus. Only thing to do is keep away from camels because it is thought that they were the ones to spread the virus. The reason that it is believed that camels spread the virus to humans is because human and camel genetics data demonstrate a close link between the virus to humans. My opinion is that Americans should see what the Saudi Arabians are doing to help with the virus. Since it's new here and old there, I figured that'd it'd be better to ask the more experienced ones for help. If we ask the Saudi Arabians what they did then we could perhaps gain friendship and a new ally. And if there is no cure then the two nations could come together and try to figure out a cure together. One that will help cure humans, and another that will help cure camels.

Scamming on Cell Phones

Does your cell phone gets calls from people you don't know? If not yours, then how about a loved one or family member? Technology is growing intelligent, and so are the scammers. Scammers used to try and scam through an old home phone technique. They'd call your house phone, and if you picked up then they'd act as if they were your bank calling. Their latest trick is to do the same, but with new ideas and new phones. If you get a call from a stranger pleading to be the bank, then hang up right away. They may also contact you by saying you won a 'free' boat trip.

A mother of three got the phone call at around 9 PM, as she was tucking her children to bed. She had looked at her cellphone and answered it. After trying to be scammed, she told her husband, "I hate when scammers try to call me. The 'bank' tried to call. They wanted our credit card number. How foolish. I keep track of that stuff, anyway." If nothing stops now, then the scammers will have multiples of gullible people's credit card numbers.

Chicago may be a beautiful place, but that doesn't mean that the society is that beautiful. Gathered from a famous social media site twitter, here's what a few citizens of Chicago had to say about our city..

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