Baby Book
Parenting and Child Development (2015)

Analise Milani Perez

When I found out I was pregnant I was visiting family in North Carolina. My mom noticed I looked a little pale. She told me to drink some water, sit down and rest. After that I started to feel dizzy and I ran to the bathroom and puked all of my guts out, while my cousin, Kayla held my hair. She asked me, "Umm, when's the last time you got some?" I looked at her with a questioning look and said, "I don't know two, three weeks ago? I mean when Jacob gets back from tour and-" "Never mind I don't want to know. All I know is you need to take a pregnancy test to make sure, you see I'm pregnant with twins cause of Theo behind". So I took her advice and took a  pregnancy test and it had a pink line indicating that I was pregnant. When I saw that I cried. I cried because Jacob and I are newlyweds and we weren't planning on having children. But I am happy because I've always wanted a baby and I guess the old saying, be careful what you wish for, does actually mean be careful.

Granddad is not present whatsoever

First Doctor Visit

My first visit to the doctor's office was not as I hoped for. I wanted Jacob to attend but, he had sound check for a concert he was doing that night. For that matter I had to go alone, also because my mother lives in North Carolina and I live in Los Angeles. So I made my way to the front desk and said, "Dr. Calligula?" "He'll be right with you sweetheart", said the lady at the front desk. As I sat down, I started to wonder about how my life would be with this baby. Before I could think about that my phone started to vibrate, I never have it on the ringer. I answered without seeing who it was. "Hello?" "Hey baby!", Jacob said, he sounded happy about something. "Hey, um what are you so happy about?" "Look up", he said and I looked up and saw him and his crazy friends with him. I gave him the "really dude" face with a look of disgust. "Oh, so you don't want us here?", said Rayquan one of his band mates. "Nah, it's cool just a surprise to see you guys!" I said with fake enthusiasm. "Whatever", replied another one named Elijah. Before I could say anything else the doctor emerged from the room. "Mrs. Perez?" "Right here", I replied. "Let's go", he replied back. When we got in there I was told to lift up my shirt and be still. When he placed that cold gel on me I started to shiver. Then he turned on the ultrasound and placed the remote on my abdomen. When I saw my baby I cried tears of joy. I'm going to be a mom.

9 Month Diary (Trimesters)

Trimester 1: I am throwing up every two seconds literally, and don't get me started on peeing every second. My breasts are sore and and this is just uggghhh so tiring, Tell me baby, why do you choose to do this to mommy? Oh-My-God! This is way to much! Why are my boobs so big, do I have to breast feed you? Maybe, maybe not.

Trimester 2: Umm one word...HUNGRY!! I have been eating and eating, but healthy foods like the food pyramid? Kind of. My stomach is getting larger and larger, and I can feel you kicking me.  This belly is really hurting my back and affecting my posture. Um OW! Stop kicking me, I believe you can be a soccer player or something. The way you are kicking me I'm signing you up for sports as soon as you meet the age requirements. I need a nap like pronto, you're one tiring little girl.

Trimester 3: Why can't I breathe hardly? Why do my legs hurt so much? O-M-G I have gained so much weight it don't even make sense. Cramp! Okay I get it it's almost that time but, false labor pains? If contractions are like that or worse then I need to be in the hospital prior to your birthday.

Getting Ready

To get ready for my baby I have to have clothes, booties, blankets, a crib, bottles, you know the usual stuff. The reason I'm buying these things is because they're essential to the baby. Which means they need to have this things. When I deliver the baby it's going to be in a hospital in the area where I live and I most likely have to buy insurance so that my bill won't be so high. The decisions I am making will help me when I decide to have another baby. But when I go back to work I won't be able to take my baby with me. So I'll have to leave my baby with my mom or Jacob's mother, I'll already be to attached to my pride and joy but I need to be able to help put on the table.

Labor and Delivery Diary

Dear Diary,

Okay so, I'm in a hospital about to give birth I am in so much pain and my contraction are exactly 6 minutes apart. When my water broke I was reviewing a case in the courtroom and the judge noticed before I did. I was rushed to the hospital and had to frantically call my husband and he was not happy to learn that I was working. As soon as those contractions hit me, I felt as if I was dying. It literally felt like that; I could not even breathe. My husband was there before I was and he was furious, nervous, and scared. "Why were you working at nine months pregnant?!" I looked at him like he was crazy. "Who you think you talking to?" I gave him those evil eyes and let out a terrible shrill. I told him, "you're lucky I'm in pain; you did this to me!" I screamed at him. "I didn't do anything but give you what you asked". He smirked. "If I had my bat-" "Hello, Mrs. Perez are you ready to go to the operating room?" " I guess so" I replied. He led me back there and they gave me some medication so that I couldn't feel it when they cut me. I was originally going to have a natural birth but little missy here kept moving so I had to have a C-Section birth. Jacob dressed up in a blue gown and a cap to walk with me. As soon as I heard my baby's cry I cried with tears of joy. Jacob got to hold her and showed her to me. The last thing I saw was her face before I blacked out.

Birthday (June 15, 2026)

When I woke up I was in my room where my family was and his family including our friends. They all had smiles on their faces as they saw my little bundle of joy. I was so happy I started to cry, again. Jacob handed me Analise and I kissed her forehead and fed her while she fell asleep. Everyone was so proud and happy, and I felt wonderful. Ever since that day I have been nothing but a caring and supportive parent. I love you Analise Milani Perez! You're my baby and I'll love you 'til the end of time.

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