War and Conquering

Sense the begining of time or the beginning of the human race there has been war and others conquering others land. Still today in the 21st century and the year 2015 countries across the globe are having conflicts, are already in war or are preparing to go to war with another country.

Reason for war

War could be caused for many reason 5 reasons are:

I. Taking advantage of a someone else's land

II. Hurting or killing the people of someone else's land

III. Double crossing or Betrayal

IV. Holding Hostages or Enslaving

V. Attempting to take authority of another land to claim it as your own  

Holding Hostages or Enslaving

In the Age of Exploration the Portuguese were taking Africans for slaves. Today there are  times and there has been times in the history of  the 21st century where terrorist has taken the people of there country and also the people of other countries for hostages and to be put in slavery. Resolving to the actions and reactions of the people of Africa and the people of today they would do what ever it takes to keep there people and themselves safe. With that effort doing what ever it takes can resolve to war.

Taking  Advantege

The Natives were way weaker than the Spanish when it came to battle. The Spanish wanted to take the natives to be workers also convert them to there religion. When it came to the Natives fighting against the Spanish there was no question for witch side would win. The Spanish had guns and Horses and other weapons that were way stronger than the Natives weapons. It mad it way easer to conquer the natives. Today there are countries that are wanting control over other countries there. Some countries have more advance technology than other countries witch gives them the higher advantage. Giving them a further step in war.

Double Crossing

When the Portuguese came to Africa and were taking Africans as slaves Lots of tribes would form a partner ship with the Portuguese to help them  capture the people of other tribes which were there enemies . Then after they form a partnership they would go to battle to capture there enemies people to be slaves. At the end the tribe that was suppose to be in a alliance with the Portuguese end up getting  double crossed by the Portuguese and end up slaves as well. Today there are lots of government workers of different countries  betraying there own country for wealth, there own safety and even power. There also inside workers that are technically known as spies. At the end countries go to war because the enemies or other country was able to convince there people to turn against them.

Hurting or Killing the people

Today there is crime every were and there has been people of high authority taking advantage of t here power and killing people. A great amount of times here would be news of a cop Killing someone on he street and it would usually involve race. Because of that it could start riots end riots could lead to war. My opinion is that this is related to the time when the Portuguese were taking the Africans for slaves. The Portuguese not only but all of Europe thought that they were the high oppressor and were way more important then everyone else. Even so they were more advance than the Africans it didn't mean that it was true. With that the Portuguese went and took advantage for them having a great amount of power compared to the Africans they took Africans as slaves. Meaning that the Portuguese went made with power.

Taking Authority

Britain settled  of the Americas and claiming it from the Natives. Today there are countries fighting or having war because they want to claim other countries to be there's.

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