Mechanical Engineering

By: Mitch Randle

English III - Scacco - Period 7

Essential Facts:

- 7,700 students enrolled in nine undergraduate and thirteen graduate degree programs

- 280 professorial faculty, 680 staff and more than 1,900 student employees

- $4.7 Million awarded in scholarships for 2013-2014

- 801 Courses offered by Cockrell School of Engineering

Academic Reputation:

- Average SAT score for entering Freshmen was 1387/1600

- Most students were in the top 10% of their High School Graduating class

- Cockrell School of Engineering is ranked among the top 5 public schools of Engineering


- Ramshorn: an elaborate check mark written on students' perfect papers

- Alexander Frederick Claire: five-foot tall wooden statue dedicated the patron saint of UT Engineering

"The mechanical engineering department at UT is among the Top 10 in the US; the Top 5 at public universities" - Ron Matthews

Look School of Engineering - Texas A&M University

Essential Facts:

- 11,000 engineering students enrolled in 12 departments

- 365 professional faculty

- Over 1,500 engineering students in the mechanical engineering department

- 46 faculty in the mechanical engineering department

- Look School of Engineering is the largest department on campus

Academic Reputation:

- Ranked 10th nationally in the number of National Merit Scholars

- Over 60% of National Merit Scholars in the school are engineering students

- Ranked in the top 10 public schools for mechanical engineering


- Aggie Ring: a ring awarded to graduates that represents alumni status of A&M

- 12th Man: a tradition for Aggie football; the crowd and supporters represent the "12th man" on the football team

Mechanical Engineering

Essential Facts:

- One of the fastest growing careers

- Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that involves design, constructions, and the use of machines

- Mechanical Engineering is a very broad branch that ties in elements from other branches of engineering

- Half of engineering jobs are in manufacturing

- There is a high demand for mechanical engineers, therefore, the unemployment rate is very low

Academic Reputation:

- Bachelors degree is required for most entry level engineering jobs

- Mechanical engineers with a BS will make an average of $72,000

- Mechanical engineers must be good at math and sciences, think critically, and solve problems effectively


- Many engineers will join an engineering union

- Engineering unions are a group of engineers that work and collaborate together

"An engineer's job never stops and there is never an end to the list of things you need or would like to look into" -Kristel Franklin

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