December 19, 2014
Advice and Gratitude

(When life is getting hard or sad, what advice do you have for people to feel more positive? Give at least 3 strategies)

- one thing that I do is I let them vent to me

-dont let these hard times get tge best of you or let ut out you down because over time things will get better and work itself out.

-hard times get tough but even though it feels like nothing gets better and everything gets worse there will be a time in the near future when that one amazing thing youve been waiting for comes along to make you smile.

(list five things you are grateful for)

1- i am grateful that i am not a weak person and that i can be strong and make it through tough times without breaking down.

2- i am grateful for my family and the shelter and food that i am provided.

3- i am grateful that i am able to go to school for free even though i do slack off a little.

4- i am grateful for being alive

5- i am grateful for music

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3 years ago

Happy New Year, Mya! Strength is great - but we all need to have room to not be strong all of the time, too….