My Rocking Summer

What I did this Summer

Wild Wood

This Year I went to Wild Wood and I had a lot of fun. I went to my favorite place which is the mirror maze. I love going to the mirror maze, this year they made it more challenging and changed the path. I didn't get to make it out the exit, so I made my way out though the entrance. We also went to a Pizza Place that sold different kind of pizzas. I ate the cheese steak filled pizza and it was awesome. They also had a cheese fries pizza, which was pizza, but it had cheese fries on top. I wanted to try it, but I never got to. We also went to a famous french place called Curley's. There were a lot of people there, but it was worth the wait because there fries were awesome. On the trip I also tried funnel cake for the first time. The sugar got all over my pants, but it was delicious. My Mom and Dad also tried out chocolate covered bacon. My mother said it tasted like chocolate covered pretzels. We didn't get to go on any rides or at least try driving go karts, but all and all it was a fun summer.

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