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Retold by Brent Furnas
Name:Daniel Yakov


At the begining the story take place in Harlem, New-York City, USA in a library "I met Jack Stanton outside the library in Harlem, New-York City" and after that in New Hampshire during the election for President of USA.

Identity Card - Jack Stanton

Height- 1.80 Metter.

Weight- 80 kg.

Job- Governor of a state in the southern United States.

Hobbies- Boxing.

Favoritefood- Pizza.

Thing he like least- The press.

Dream for future- To be the president of USA.


The main conflict begins when Fat Willie comes to Henry and tells him that his teenage daughter is pregnant, and Jack Stanton is the father.Henry felt sorry for Fat Willie but they can't afford another scandal about Jack so Henry and another person went to scare Willie a little, and they told him not to tell the press or anyone about this. Henry didn't like this way but Jack told him to do this. After that Jack told to Willie that he wiil do a paternity test and the result showed that Jack is not the father.

If I was Henry I was talked to Wille and ask him to not tell anyone about this and after that I was promise to him that Jack will do a paternity test Instead scare him.                                                                                          


The climax happend  when Libby (an investigator) found out the the doctor that made the paternity test is Jack's father, and thet Jack fake the test, and he really is the father of the baby and she threaten to tell this scandal to the press if he will tell the press that the person that running against him used to take cocaine (she told thes because this person is a good man that made a mistake and stop with this).

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