Better Ways to Learn

You've read in class an article on the strategies toward better learning. It's a New York Times piece which talks about Benedict Carey's book “How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens”.

I) Read the text again and answer the following questions in your notebook.

  1. What are the three notions about learning that people have, which Mr. Carey challenges / upends? Explain. [Find answers here -> 1st idea: line 5 - 9; 2nd idea: line 12; 3rd idea: line 17 - 20].
  2. What are the four steps toward better learning that Mr. Carey proposes? Explain each in more detail.
  • Step 1 (lines 24 - 29)
  • Step 2 (lines 30 - 33) -> a) lines 35 - 40; b) lines 41 - 44
  • Step 3 (line 45, lines 50 - 56) -> a) lines 57 - 61; b) lines 67 - 70
  • Step 4 (lines 71 - 79)

II) Vocabulary work: find words in the text underlined with a straight line and copy them into your notebook. For each word you should write down a) an explanation and b) an example sentence. There are 23 words that you should look up!

For example,

CUE (n.)  - a) a sign that tells a person to do something; b) Their silence was a cue for him to speak.

(!) Use one of the following dictionaries:

I suggest you look up random words to see which dictionary suits you best!

EXTRA CREDIT WORK - if you learn better by listening to something, watch the video below and learn some more about Mr. Carey's research .

...or listen to this NPR radio interview.

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