Nerd Newsletter


We are in need of presenters at Integrated2015. Please consider sharing your technology integration talents with us on July 21, 2015. If you are unsure on which topic to present, I'd be happy to chat with you. :)

Knight In Training

Remember that the Knight in Training challenge ends April 24th. If you want to win a tablet, try out the course. Please remember that this is just a beginner course. There will be more advanced courses in the future.


The video at the top of this newsletter was made using Flipagram. It is a free app for iOS and Android and integrates well with other social media outlets. It can be embedded on your teacher website as well. It is a way that you can create a slideshow in 5-10 minutes. is a free resource that allows you to make a set of digital flashcards using Google Drive. You input your information into a spreadsheet, it pieces it together on the Flippity website, and you have an instant set of flashcards. For primary students, you can import images and videos. However, I've had a few inconsistencies with videos. This works on any device.


I'm still working with first graders on utilizing TodaysMeet to meet as a reading group. I am going to attempt training a student to be the moderator for the group. We shall see how that goes. Thanks Ms. Zolman and Mrs. Friend for letting me test the waters a bit.


OneNote is an extremely powerful tool for both teachers and students. Teachers can utilize it to document, organize class notes, collect content for projects, organize emails, etc. Students can use it as well for note taking, digital binders, and research projects. There is even potential for collaborative work spaces where students can pull together resources for research purposes. I have made tutorials on how to use both OneNote on the laptop as well as the iPad. The few teachers that have already tried it like that they can access and edit their notes on their laptop as well as their mobile devices.

P.S. The students already have OneNote on their devices.