The flight

by, Will B. (historical fiction)

  Hi my name is Jason but I'm called Jac. Dave and Charlet are my parents and they don't understand me. My brother's name is C'man really I know odd isn't it. I fix all the things in the house but its not like they let me have any of the credit for any of it. My Dad takes all the credit such as if he did it. Speaking of credit my teacher thinks I don't do any thing there but I do. She also thinks I was held back do to my height they just don't understand things. The only people who lesson are my dads employers they understand my brilliants and every week we have a discussion on there plane they are building. I never get my ideas in because they don't think I know anything on planes. I know that if you had wing braces you could have a stable flight. They are coming over today as well.

  "Jac go get cleaned up" Chalet announced.

  " Yes mom" I answered.

  "Hey C'man where the gests" yelled Dave.

  "Right here" said Wilber. We sit down and Orville was in a cast from a crash.

  " We got into the air but went down do to wing failure I don't know if its to heavy or light" stated Orville.  

  "I know what to do"  I said.

" You don't know anything " my parents yelled loud enough for Wilber and Orville to hear.

 " You know who do you think took a class in construction. I know that you didn't." I raged out loud. My dad stood up  and through me out. For 1 whole week I was grounded from being talking with them...

  Finally I'm free and this time they will lesson to me

  "Hey Wilber how are you doing"

  " Great"

  " Ok good but I know how to get your plane to fly for over a minute." I stated with hope he will lesson.

  "Ok then what"

  " Wing supports of cores "

  " Ok then ill try it out"

  "Good" Like I said earlier it would work and like normal I got 0% of the credit and I got a free plane. That was a prototype of the new plane they are building and now they lesson to me every word.   

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