Costa Rican Culture

Dance, like in many other Spanish speaking countries is very important to the people o Costa Rica. The Meringue is a type of dance that involves very fast footwork and swaying of ones hips. The Salsa is another type of dance but this one is more complicated spins and intricate footwork. Cumbia is a Spanish dance kind of like the jive (very fast and upbeat).

Some of Costa Ricas Common dish are: Arroz con Pollo (Rice with Chicken), Ceviche (Sea Bass marinated in Lime Juice), and Olla de Carne (Meat stew and Soup). Usually every dish would be served with Rice and Beans.

Here are some different types of music they listen to in Costa Rica. Guanacaste - This type of music employs the use of marimba, a large wooden xylophone and encompasses many different types of styles. Central Valley - This type of music has Spanish influenced melodies are known as "serenatas campesinas," or peasant serenades. This type of music includes marimba and guitarists.

Soccer or Futbol, is Costa Ricas number 1 pastime. In fact, even very poor and small Costa Rican towns have public soccer fields. They say that the Costa Ricans started to play soccer in 1876 but it wasn't until 1887 where the first team with uniforms and everything traveled to England to play.

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