The Republic of Le Pugnatores

They hate us cause they ain't us

The red pentagonal blocks symbolize the hatred and blood of the warrior; so clever complex.

The black represents mystery between the mist of hatred for others. that nobody else knows what comes next.

The white leaved arcs are boundaries from fear and to never forget the peace the is surrounded by war and devastation.

The Gold Treble Clef symbol represents the music that always brings shinning peace within the white leaved boundaries

The Constitution of Le Pugnatores


The Republic of Le Pugnatores


Le Pugnatores is destined shall be maintained to be a civil Utopia; free from the the terror and anger in the world.The countries Judicial responsibilities and decisions will be held at the strongest and strictest level of conformation. There will be no civil disobedience within the borders of Le Pugnatores for it to remain a peaceful and Utopian state. Due to the division of 2 social classes, federal citizens will always have over all say and defiance over local citizens, but however with the weight and power of the countries federalism system. All signature committees will be recognized along with the goals accomplished by the local and federal citizens. Le Pugnatores will be lead to remain and further globalization as a Utopian state.


Citizens have to be school educated in order to be part of the country. Each citizen is expected to obey the every single law and respect Saxophones, if citizens do not respect the laws or damages a saxophone they will be rehabilitated. Government requires for everyone to play the Saxophone as a sign or respect.


Federal members of the judiciary court. Constitutional Judicial monarchy, citizens vote for their leaders. If their are rumors spreading of corruption each and every person blamed of this accusation will be investigated as much as possible, and if found guilty they will “rehabilitated” and never be able to run for any part of our government again.


Must insure safety for all. The government promises to ensure safety, food, and any other resources to our citizens. The people are responsible to obey all laws, vote for federal leaders, and show respect to the countries figure head.


Ordinance 1; 4/11 is the ratio of divided power amongst classes: every 4 federal citizens equals 11 local citizens. This Ordinance applies to proceedings such as voting, tax collecting, welfare system closure, and soldier and law enforcement drafting [only]

Ordinance 2; Country citizens (only) will have the right to speak freely about “each other”, bear arms within the household, and the right to petition organizations made from the governmental monarchy or local entrepreneurs. All people within the walls of the R.L.P. will be granted the freedom of religion and press. R.L.P. is a place where everyone can prosper to live with unreliable happiness and future decisions to avoid communism.

Ordinance 3; To protect the Country's honor and prosperity, anyone who violates and abuses a saxophone for party rebellion shall be executed.

Ordinance 4; Schooling for all children will come free to them, even in devastating times so that R.L.P. may never devolutionize as a Utopian state.

Ordinance 5; no financial debt by either federal, local, or even the county will ever be tolerated and will be held at the utmost importance.

Ordinance 6; Party made words that are used to riot or to charge against the government with such as FEDERALISM & ORDINANCE will be considered “changeable word”

Ordinance 7; All R.L.P. soldiers will be given temporary stationary barracks [not in civilian housing]

Ordinance 8; Children can own GUNS MOTHA F******

Ordinance 9; The name Rene will be changed to a male dominate name

Ordinance 10; is Illegal and owning an account will result in imminent death. Even for projects made on the bases of  '1984'

Ordinance 11; You cannot be arrested without an arrest warrant, but all police officers carry arrest warrants


A primary Judicial school system. Yes. Only if the students attend a private school. Universities to the public rely on the constitutional judicial monarchy. Taxes will supply financial aid and in the process will also relieve civil stress. We will “talk” with them about how good an education is.


Le Pugnatores means “The Warriors” and a warriors favorite instrument is the Saxophone because of its sexiness so respect the Saxophone B**** or Leonidas with slaughter you senseless


The Saxophone is the eternal youth restoring God. Leonidas is our fearless leader


Leonidas was king of the Spartans. The strongest warriors ever to live. He's bearded and buff while never wearing a shirt. (PIMP ALERT) He carriers a sword made of gold and a shinny helmet made of Platinum.

Leonidas got his position as king by proving he was the strongest, wisest, and obtained a saber-tooth tiger pelt.  Once elected king he showed to be the bravest and most high marked defense leader in history. He was born in 540 B.C. but became mortal by the holy sax god, and till this day he has had 2 movies made in his undefinable honor as a dedication.

Victories Legion Peace Anthem

Sunshine Palace

Sunshine Palace is where the "turned" go to be processed and rehabilitated for the cleanliness and stake of future prosperity. It has a 100% rehabilitated rate for ever "turned" person that has always entered the Sunshine Palace. What happens here is the "turned" people visit Sunshine Palace for a period of time and come out feeling better than ever. Sunshine Palace is a sanctuary for the people who lost there own touch with reality. No harsh punishment or treatment is needed or wanted here to ensure total satisfaction and peace. Occasionally Leonidas sends the "turned" a package especially from him to add a little boost in being rehabilitated. Leonidas said in his speech, "Sunshine Palace is a place the accused can be forgiven, confessions are rewarded, and the needy can live out in peace; free from irregularities. This is what I promise, and this is shall what be carried out through my eternal wisdom, eternal strength, and eternal leadership." As said in the 11 Ordinances, torture is illegal, and the same rule applies to Sunshine Palace.

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