Cute Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Creative pumpkin painting!


  • Long screw
  • Wooden skewer
  • Hot glue

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Pumpkin (real or fake)
  • Canning jar lids
  • Yellow outdoor paint or spray paint
  • Blue outdoor paint or spray paint
  • White paint
  • Black and brown paint or Sharpie

Step 1:

Cover the entire pumpkin with the yellow or purple paint, depending on which minion you are trying to make. Let it set, apply a second coat if needed.

Step 2:

Paint the bottom third in blue for the yellow minion and black for the purple minion, then paint the overall straps along the sides.

Step 3:

While the paint is drying, begin cutting the foam for the goggle strap, you can paint this on but I like the polished look of the foam, cut it about an inch thick and as long as you need to wrap around your pumpkin. You can also take this time to cut the pipe cleaners to the desired length for the hair.

Step 4:

For the eyes you will need to cut your white paper to the size of the mason jar lids, glue the googly eyes to the paper and then glue the edges of the paper to the inside of the mason jar lid. You can make one or two, minions come with both!

Step 5:

Once the overalls are dry, go in with a small paint brush and add the details in white or silver, i.e. the stitching, the buttons, the emblem, etc.

Step 6:

Carefully with your hot glue gun wrap the foam around the pumpkin. Don’t cover the whole thing with glue at once because hot glue dries relatively quick. Begin by placing a dab of glue on the front and putting down the foam and slowly working your way around. Starting at the front is great because you will be able to cover the ends with the eye, which you can glue on at this point as well! If you want to add the silver pipe cleaners around the eyes you can do that now.

Step 7:

Now that we have the eyes and overalls on we can find the perfect spot for the mouth, Paint on a smile and some teeth, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! The paint will be easy to wipe off while it is still wet. If you are really worried about your skills as an artist choose a simple minion face to work with. I have included some photos at the end of this post with different ideas.

Step 8:

The last step is to add the hair, for the pipe cleaners poke holes along the top of the pumpkin with toothpicks and insert the pipe clean, don’t poke a bigger hole because you want the pipe cleaner to fit very snug in the hole. For the purple minion cut the boa in a few pieces and hot glue the ends to the top, there is no need to glue the entire piece, just the top of it will be enough.


  • Large pumpkin
  • Hand towel
  • Paper towels
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Sharp, long bladed cutting knife
  • Acrylic craft paint (orange, yellow, white and dark green)
  • Low stick masking tape
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter (color of your choice)


  • Wash the outside of the pumpkin carefully to remove all dirt and outdoor debris. Dry it gently with a hand towel, and wipe it down with a paper towel dampened with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess dirt or product wax if your pumpkin was store bought.
  • 2

    Use a sharp, long blade knife to cut the top off of the pumpkin. Cut approximately 3 1/2 to 4 inches down from the stem, all the way around in a circle. Remove the top and set it aside for cleaning and later use as the lid. Carefully scoop out the inside of the pumpkin, removing as much of the flesh as you are able to.

  • 3

    Tear off a piece of low tack masking tape long enough to wrap completely around the pumpkin. Wrap it approximately half of the way up from the bottom.

  • 4

    Paint the bottom-most section of the pumpkin yellow. Let the paint dry, then apply one more coat and sprinkle glitter on the still wet paint. Set the pumpkin aside to dry.

  • 5

    Paint the entire lid (top piece of the pumpkin) white, except for the stem. Sprinkle glitter on the still wet paint then set the lid aside to dry.

  • 6

    Paint the top half of the pumpkin orange. Apply a second coat once the first has dried. After the second coat, apply glitter to it and remove the tape (the stripe left by the tape is not painted over with any color). Set the pumpkin aside to dry completely.

  • 7

    Pain the stem with green paint.



  • Pumpkins (of course) varied in size
  • Acrylic paints (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and white - Mix yellow and red for beak orange)
  • Paint brushes
  • Black Sharpies (I use them for everything) Thin and Thick
  • Optional : Spray on polyurethane                                                                                                               Directions
  • Wash the pumpkins to get off all the dirt and grime from the pumpkin fields.
  • Paint the pumpkins that will be getting the lighter colored paints with a white primer. (Learn from my mistakes/laziness)
  • Paint all of your pumpkins the full solid colors first and let dry.
  • Once they are dry use a thin sharpie to draw on your faces.
  • Paint in the eyes, beaks and chest colors. (Don't worry much about staying in the lines, we will clean these up with the thick sharpie once paint drys.)
  • Once the faces are dry you can go over your thin sharpie lines with the thick Sharpie, thicken the lines up as needed to create a finished look.
  • Color in all black items with black sharpie: Eyebrows, Eyeballs and such.
  • Optional: Coat all of your pumpkins with a spray on polyurethane coat. This will make them more durable and resistant to rain.                                                                               
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