Febuary October

by Katherine Nadeau


In SRI I need to have 740 I scored 920 . In let it snow I have 8/11. In I have. In  dust of snowI have 3/10 . In the martin luther king jr. packet I have 6/10.

I should get to be ready for middle school and try to improve on reading.


In long division I have 4/10 but this was before I understood the concept. I have 4/5. In multiplying  I have 4/5 . In unknown numbers  I have5/5 . In fractions I have 3/4  . In adding and subtracting I have 5/5. In reducing I have 10/10. I am on my 12's in my time test. Finally I have 26/28 as my over all grade.


In writing I am at the below level of  2 but want to be at 4 to help me in 5th grade. So I should have at least a 3. In settlers and indians I have a 3 . In my colorado persuasive essay  I have a 3.


In vocabulary  I have a perfect 12/12. Woohoo!


My behavior is now great thanks to Mrs.Morgan.

Science and Social studies

On my social studies test I got 27/30. In science I'm learning about fossils  . In the 4th chapter I have 15/18.

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