The Story of Electronics

There is on Youtube a video called The Story of Electronics. Even if it was published in 2010, it stills a good source of information that is actual even four years later.

The following information is the important points of the video.

1) The electronics are design for the dump.

  • That means that the designers of the electronics are voluntary creating products that won’t last and that will be impossible to repair by changing a piece so you have to buy a new one while the object is send in countries like India where it causes trouble for the people living there.
  • Theay are easy to brake
  • Can’t repair them
  • Global warning
  • 25 million tons of ewaste
  • The owners of the companies get the profits and everyone else pays.
  • They are making personal profits instead of using the money for security of the employees and the detoxification of the products.

2) Process – The steps of an electronic life

  • Extraction of raw materials: in mine factories where the workers get sick because of the toxic fumes.
  • Production: toxic products are put in the electronics and it will undoubtedly goes out at a certain time, even when the buyer is still using it.
  • Distribution: not a large choice of green products.
  • Consumption: the product lasts for a smaller amount of time that it should.
  • Disposal: in other countries, dangerous for the others.

This in an example of where the e-waste is exported!

3) Solutions

  • No PVC, no toxic flame retardants.
  • Product take back: longer lasting, less toxic, more recyclable.
  • Designers have to compete to make longer lasting.
  • Just send a new piece instead of change all the product.
  • Don’t export recycling.
  • More green choices so the consumers can have a larger possibility.

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