A Dream Came True

Taking Mass Communication in New Era University is not just another step in pursuing my ambitions in life, but had given an opportunity of that will always and forever be part of my life. An opportunity to do something bigger than anything that I have done before. Something that I thought would only happen in my sweetest dreams. To play a lead role in a musical play. The Mass Comm department gave me Billy Elliot. Though not the first role I was expecting to have, I learned to accept it and admittedly even became a part of me. I prayed to God everyday that may He give the things that I need in order to pursue this role and in return promised Him to not own any of the glory that I may earn in this break but return it all to Him. Through God's mercy and goodness, by the roar and applause of the crowd we can say, that we pushed through our show, though not perfect, we knew that we did our best and it the standing ovation was more than enough, it was truly a dream came true.