top 10 halloween costumes for kids

10. the Red Balloon

The Red Balloon is the 1956 French featurette that traces adventures of Pascal, a young boy who finds a sentient, mute red balloon (with a will of its own) on his way to school. We love this very easy-to-DIY costume, brainchild of Oh Happy Day!

Materials needed: Grey sweatsuit; a leather satchel; one large 36-inch red balloon.

9. Little sock monkey

Oh, holy cute... right? This costume is perfect for chilly Halloweens or just giving yourself one more reason to snuggle your little monkey while s/he still lets you choose the costume. Grossgrain Fabulous DIY'd this costume with thrift-store sweaters and a baby-jammies pattern. You can also buy something like it on Etsy.

Materials needed: Throw-away sweaters (heathered brown, white and red), sewing pattern for baby pajamas.

8. gnome

If you don't do it for Halloween, you could always dress up your kid as a gnome and take his picture next to awesome landmarks around the world too, right?

Materials needed: Felt (red, white, tan, black), scissors, glue, striped onesie. You can also buy this hat and beard on Etsy.

7. Carl Fredricksen, "up"

OK. This costume may make you cry as much as the movie. Probably for happier reasons. Putting it together, however, doesn't need to. Photographer and mom Stephanie Read dressed her son as the grumpy old man, Carl, from "Up" by focusing on three main details: glasses, walker and balloons.

Materials needed: Large, black glasses; baby cardigan and bowtie and bowtie; walker; and a handful of balloons. You can see more angles of the walker here.

6. rosie the riveter

You can do it! Make this costume, that is. Rosie the Riveter costume is all about the red polka-dot bandana and attitude.

Materials needed: Denim coveralls or romper; red polka-dot bandana, vintage union button, like these on Etsy.

5. Zombie cat

Kind of been obsessed with this costume for three years, since we saw it on How Adorrible. If you're not familiar with Zombie Cat, catch up with the zombie kitten apocalypse here. While this costume looks complicated, you could recreate it by starting with a kitten costume and just adding some gore. See in more detail.

Materials needed: cat costume, felt (red, pink, black), yard, red bouncy ball.

4. lion

Nothing cowardly about this lion. In fact, we think small child as a lion is the perfect mix of ferocity and cuteness. Achieve this look with a lion hoodie, tail and some tawny-color clothing. Another option: this coat on Etsy.

Materials needed: lion mane (DIY or Etsy), lion tail, overalls or monochrome shirt/pants, painted-on whiskers, ROAR!

3. The fantastic mr. fox

No ordinary fox. This Fantastic Mr. Fox takes cunning to a whole new level. Sure, dressing your kids up as animals, in general, is super cute. But dressing them as clever animals? They'll thank you later. We found this DIY on Mom Inc. Daily.

Materials needed: Paper mask, fabric, faux fur, cloth remnants, old knit vest, felt and foam (for ears), store bought fox tail keychain, glue, black diamond shaped button (for nose), striped leggings and rain boots.

2. Charlie brown

We went all [Pea]nuts over Emily McCall's lil' Charlie Brown. It's an easy costume to create, especially if your little one is short on hair (after all, you can draw the Charlie Brown squiggle with a marker), and can totally carry on as everyday wear.

Materials needed: yellow onesie, black shorts, iron-on squiggle, Snoopy sidekick. You can also buy a Charlie Brown onesie on Etsy.

1. strong man

Overwhelmed. That's the way we feel with how adorable this STRONG MAN costume is. Only problem: finding excuses to dress our little ones in this every day. It's super cute on little guys and gals, alike. All these picks are.

Materials needed: Red t-shirt, wrapping paper cardboard roll, two black balloons, elastic, nylons, colorful Sharpies, mustachio, striped shorts, black and white paint. Get the complete DIY on Oh Happy Day!