Mesopotamian Life

Aspect 1: Religion

Mesopotamians were very religious. Religion played a part in their everyday life. They worshipped many gods. Each god was worshipped for a specific thing. For example: Nanna (for the moon), Enlil (for the air), Enki (for wisdom), Inanna (for love and war), and Utu (for the sun.) They had temples for these gods and would go to pray to them to show devotion. This shows they were very advanced that they thought of this. They also had priests like we have today. These priests were ranked very highly and had important jobs. They would write songs for the gods and come up with prayers. This is often how we look at priests today. They were very advanced because we do this, and they did it thousands of years ago. This is not the only way they were advanced though. Scroll down to continue.

                                                        Aspect 2: Government

       Mesopotamia's government was just as advanced as its religion. It had the first ever known set of recorded laws!  These set of laws were created by a famous ruler named Hammurabi, so he called those laws Hammurabi's Code. They were written on a pillar that was about six feet tall. It had all of Mesopotamia's laws on it. It was like our Constitution. It was thousands of years older than our constitution as well. One more way Mesopotamia was advanced. The laws that they had are the same as some countries in the Middle East. For example you describe there laws as, "An eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth." That wasn't always the case though it could differ if you were a freed man or a slave. That is how some countries deal with serious actions today.

       Mesopotamia had many rulers but they all have one thing in common; they all claimed to be chosen by the Gods. They did that because they thought their people would obey them because they were fearful of the gods. That was a smart idea because it worked! Mesopotamia's government was always changing because people were constantly taking over. The leaders of the government always seemed to keep everyone under control though. This is how countries are today!  

                                                       Aspect 3:Cuneiform

       Mesopotamians were probably the most important people in the world because they invented the first writing system! This system was called cuneiform (kyo͞oˈnēəˌfôrm). It was first use to record business deals. So in other words trading, and money. They probably used it for that because people thought they were getting stolen from so they needed proof. Later on as it farther developed people used it for events, crimes, culture, and many more. As I mentioned earlier Hammurabi's Code would fall under the category of crimes. When they were creating the tower like figure of Hammurabi's code they were probably using scribes. Scribes are people who know how to read and write and do it for a living. They usually work for kings/emperors, nobles, or rich citizens. They were very high up people that were very respected.

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