Aquarium Project
By: Kiley Cox and Alaurea Paige


We choose the Mickey Mouse Platy and the Long Fin Red Minor Tetra. The Mickey Mouse Platy is great for beginner aquarists and they are active and peaceful. They live best in moderately planted areas with water temperature from 72 degrees to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. There tank size is about 10+ gallons. The prefer to live in schools of fish. There maximum size is 3". The Long Fin Red Minor Tetra is also great for beginner aquarists. They like to swim in schools of fish. There tanks should be 10+ gallons and densely planted throughout the tank. The water temperature should be from72 degrees to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. There maximum size is 2".


Are tank was the small tank with the dimensions of 30" L x 10" D x 14" H. The volume 4,200 inches and 18.225 gallons.



We are using 1 bag of gravel for our tank. We are making it 2" thick and our volume is 600 inches.


The decorations that we are using are driftwood that cost $35 and a rock cave that is also $35. Plants that were using is the Corkscrew plant which is $1.50 and we are getting 2. The other plant is the Green Mondo Plant that is $9 and we are getting 1.

Itemized Budget:

Itemized Budget


3a + 3b = $14.67