wonder character in the spotlight Via

character Tie to the Theme

Via learned that maybe she doesn't really have any one to talk to, but when the story has went along she was herself and being independent for herself. That's how she made for friends when she got to school. Also I think Via's old friends were not really acting like her real friends, but still she made more friends how was her friend.

character Influences

I think Via influence is Justen because they have this tight bound together because when Via was upset in the book Justen put his arm around her. He said he put his wing around her like a bird. Also Via had someone to really talk to when she feels upset and Justen will be right there to see what's wrong. The way that Via had influences on Justen is that his family doesn't have the bound as her family and he I think he wants that how Via's  family has it.

Picture of Deer at Sunset by Albert Bierstadt . This picture reminds me of Via because the little deer looks all alone and no ones there to talk to her.

Art Representation