Laser Precision Spine Surgery's Kim B. Wright, MD

Kim B. Wright, MD, has practiced neurosurgery for more than three decades. His activities as a spinal surgeon with Laser Precision Spine Surgery in Anchorage, Alaska, range from lumbar and cervical procedures to degenerative disc disease treatment. Kim B. Wright, MD, has also treated patients struggling with damaged peripheral nerves throughout the carpal canal and around the ulnar bone. For more information on his work and the work of Laser Precision Spine Surgery, visit

Dr. Kim B. Wright provides his patients with the highest level of care possible every day. This dedication to excellence is not just reserved for his patients, however. He frequently donates his time and efforts to in-need families located throughout Anchorage as well as various charity groups and organizations. A member of the K. Rhodes Lost Lake Run team, Dr. Wright is especially passionate about supporting organizations that raise money and awareness for cystic fibrosis.