Kim Jong-Unamused- The story of the Sony Hack of 2014

    This year, the Sony Corporation was hacked. In this cyber attack, celebrity emails were compromised, employee wages were released, and many movies were illegally downloaded. At first, nobody really knew what the attackers were after, but a few days later the United States government came out with a statement that North Korea was not only involved, but behind the attack. After knowing this information, it was now understood that it was a response to the movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco (above), "The Interview."

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    In this movie, Seth and James are sent out to assassinate Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. With a major portion of Sony located in the US, many pressured the company to not negotiate with the terrorists. Understandably, Sony wanted the attack to stop, so they stopped the release of the film. Outraged, the American public, including President Obama, responded saying that Sony made a mistake. Sony CEO in America, Michael Lynton, responded saying, "At that point in time, we had no alternative, but to not proceed with the theatrical release [of "The Interview"] on the 25th of December." He later went on to say that many theaters had refused to show their film, so that accounted to some of the decision as well.

     Later, Sony did end up releasing the film due to popular demand, but they only released it digitally online and via rent through movie viewing companies. They did not release it to theaters out of the fear that North Korea would retaliate to the movie in a public setting. Now with the public pleased, all eyes turned towards President Barack Obama and the White House to determine how they would respond to this attack. During an interview with CNN, he said, "I don't think it was an act of war. I think it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. We take it very seriously. We will respond proportionately, as I said." It will be interesting to watch how governments and companies will respond to these types of threats in the future, and how society reacts as well.

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    This event is the most important event from 2014 because it affected all of us on multiple levels. At first, we were filled with all the juicy gossip in the emails of all the people we see on the big screen. Then, when the allegations that North Korea was behind the attack, we all realized that this was a real threat. Suddenly, this invasion of privacy became an international battle between North Korea, the United States, and the Sony Corporation. This event involved personal privacy, internet security, and a potential new style of warfare. It also brought up the question about what it means when one country threatens a company in another country. Rarely do you have a time where all of these topics are intertwined into one event. It also brings attention to the idea that this may be a new type of warfare that can affect a lot of people as we havebecome a more technology reliant society.


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