The Business of Acting
Kim Tassinari

Before the glitz and glamor and the big movie premiers, acting should be looked at as nothing more than a business. While many may believe that the art and craft of acting are the priority, it is important for the skills and techniques to be in place to find the success.

The secret to acting success is having the right mindset. When it comes to landing a job, the ones making the hiring decisions see you as nothing more than something to sell to make money. While this may seem a bit harsh, it is a mindset that you can’t afford not to adopt, because once you take this view of acting you’ll realize that it isn’t personal, it’s business.

When you begin to see acting as a business, it’s time to start marketing yourself. You need to write your resume and have professional headshots taken. If you don’t have anything to put on your resume, find opportunities to become a movie extra or volunteer at your local community theater. Next you need to think about your auditions as your job. Until you get hired, use auditions as an opportunity to hone your craft. Continue to go to auditions, because the constant and repeated exposure will help you be recognized by casting directors. Kim Tassinari recently joined the league of actors after retiring from her medical career. She uses her auditions as a way to stay in the minds of casting directors. She makes sure always to give her best performance and never forgets to have fun.

Kim Tassinari - The Key to Success in Hollywood

Being a successful actor means developing a huge skill set. You have to able to cry on command, appear sad, happy, hung over, high, angry, and desperate for revenge all in the same production. You have to be able to achieve all emotions effortlessly to provide the illusion of reality for the audience no matter how you’re feeling that day, regardless of what’s going on in your life off set.

Actors are performers. Preparation of everything, but in the end it all comes down to that one moment you have in auditions. You either have it or you don’t. There are many ways to stick out in auditions, but the most successful actors don’t rely on small tips to catch the casting director’s eye, they work hard to hone their craft so they can perform for all auditions using their raw talent and skills.

If you’re an actor, you know what it takes to develop all the skills you need to perform well when all the lights or cameras are on you. This article isn’t about the basic skills of acting, it’s about the single most important skill set that all actors need to make it in Hollywood: hope. Multiple rejections may make you feel bad, but the best actors have a tenacious unwillingness to back it in and move back to Nebraska. You have to come at each day with a fresh helping of hope if you ever want to succeed.

Kim Tassinari has the drive to succeed in her second career as an actor in Hollywood after working as a doctor for fifteen years.

Succeeding in Hollywood

Hollywood can be a tough town city to try to make it in. It is full of talented people who are all after the same thing; fame. Everyone who moves to Hollywood to work in acting, have a hard time finding success because it is a long road to be on.

Starting from the bottom and working your way up may take some time, but if you are willing to put in the time, you can be successful. Kim Tassinari knows something about that. She worked her way up from being a retired doctor and an actor with no experience, to having jobs in small productions.

To be successful in Hollywood, first and foremost, you must be aware that you have to give all you’ve got in order to start your career. You can’t constantly think about what you can get out of something there, but what you can give to get the job you want.

Another thing to remember when you start out in Hollywood, you should always be authentic and true to yourself. You want to present the picture that you feel the most confident in, and everyone knows that is always yourself. If you do not feel confident in yourself, the people who are looking to hire you will see this, and not want to hire you.

You may fail a few times in Hollywood before you make it big, but you have to know that it is a hard city. If you are yourself, and know what you need to do in order to have any sort of success there, you will start seeing changes in your job situation soon. Work hard, and live the life you have dreamt of living.

Great Acting: 101

Great acting is not something that everyone is born with. You have to train to be a great actor, or you have the natural ability when you are born, if you are lucky. Even some of the best actors in the world today have gone through acting classes and they know that it is ultimately what will make you a great actor who everyone wants to hire. Kim Tassinari was a doctor who retired and became an actress. She had no formal training, but has gotten a few jobs. But, if you want to jump right in, go to acting class.

Going to acting class is nothing to be ashamed of. It is really what will teach you some of the things you need to know in order to be a good actor. Things such as timing, emotions, and maybe even fight scenes are all important parts of an actor’s repertoire that they need to learn before getting a big job.

Knowing when to come in on your cue is important in acting. You have to know exactly when to speech, fight, or cry. It is necessary for you to know just when to do these things, or you could mess up the entire take. Another aspect of timing that is important, if you are in a humorous movie, is comedic timing. Not everyone knows when to come in with a joke or when to laugh, so acting class will teach you this.

Perfecting fight scenes is also important to do in acting class. You do not want to get hurt, or potentially hurt someone else, so you need to know just how and when to move to avoid anything from happening. You cannot always teach yourself this, especially if you have never acted before.

If you want to break into acting, it would be prudent of you to go to acting class. This will help you perfect some natural born talent that you have and harness it to your needs. You will make a great actor if you follow every tip that you learn in your classes.

The Acting Industry

Acting is not always about Hollywood. If you want to be an actor, there are a million different places where you can work when you have made it into the industry and you have your foot in the door. If you really want to work in a certain part of the industry over another, that is a perfectly viable option. A former doctor turned actress, Kim Tassinari is making waves in the small stage industry on her first venture out in the industry. But if stage isn’t your cup of tea, no worries, there are a number of different places you can work.

One such place you could go would be television. This includes soap operas or television series. To work on television, you have to have a pretty flexible schedule because if you are on a series, they film for many months out of the year. Working in television though, can give you a slightly steadier source of work, especially if you have a series. You can be with a certain show for years and build your career that way. Many actors eventually leave television to start a movie career, but many don’t.

Movies are also a popular choice. You find many actors who have only done movies and never done television. Movies are big budget, and you can tend to make a lot of money on them, but if they are unsuccessful, then it tends to not work out in your favor as much as television. There are a number of different genres of course; drama, comedy, action, etc. Depending on your strengths and your own desires, it will lead you to the right place.

Finally, if movies or television are not your thing, there is always stage. There are a number of famous actors who have made themselves famous by being in theater productions for years. This can include musicals or drama, but the stage all the same. The thing about stage productions is the live aspect of acting. You do not get retakes and anything can happen. For some, that is scary, for some, it is exciting. Whatever industry within acting you chose, you should be happy with your choice and it will only help you to be successful.

Taking the Stage – What You Need to be a Stage Actor

Stage acting is worlds apart from acting in a film or television series. Unlike film and television, stage actors don’t have the benefit of getting to stop in the middle of a scene to start over if they forget their lines. Acting in the theater is an art unto itself and is something that every actor should be able to do.

When you are acting on stage, you need to be able to project your voice, which creates two different challenges. To learn how to project, you have to be trained in vocal, breathing, and speech techniques that help you project your voice. However, you still need to be able to act with conviction. This lends itself to the idea of having stage presence. There are naturally going to be people who are charismatic and are naturals when it comes to having a presence on the stage. However, it is also something that can be taught. Taking movement classes can help you build your stage presence.

When working in the theater, you need to have a basic understanding of stage directions. Long before the production is ready to go, the director will have blocked the movements, which means you’ll need to know where you need to move based on his directions. Finally, stage actors have to be able to find a balance between focusing on their roles and letting the audience in enough to be able to time their performance to their reactions.

Kim Tassinari’s first role in her new career as an actor was playing Lady Macbeth in an intimate, local theater in North Hollywood. Since then, Kim has enjoyed several roles in local theater productions and can’t wait to land her first role in a film production.

How to Audition Better - Be a Better Person

Any working or struggling actor will tell you that they are busy from the time they wake up until the time they go back to sleep at night. This is because they are constantly honing their craft and trying to be better at their job. A serious actor has to constantly audition and work at their skills to be successful. Every experienced actor or casting director will tell you this on their blogs full of advice for aspiring actors. One thing that could set you apart from other actors you are competing with, however, is making time for volunteer work. Many actors balk at this, of course, because who has the time? For those willing to carve out a bit of time for others into their schedule, they can and will reap the benefits later.

Volunteering can be a great way to meet others in the acting field and grow your network. It may also broaden skills you didn’t know you needed to work on. One place that has attracted volunteers is the Motion Picture and Television Fund, or MPTF. The MPTF is a charity organization that takes care of retired actors and other people in show business. Such old time Hollywood luminaries as Charlie Chapman, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks set up the foundation to help people in the entertainment industry who have fallen on hard times.

Kim Tassinari, a former doctor turned actor, has volunteered at MPTF numerous times. She says that the experience was wholly rewarding, and she gained new contacts by talking to the other volunteers and the directors of the foundation.

A Key to Acting Success - Recruit a Team

Rarely do even the most talented individuals achieve their artistic goals without some kind of team behind them. Every actor who wants to make it in Hollywood needs a support structure with people they can trust and rely on to encourage them, nurture their talent, and keep them on track for success. Once you have achievable, important goals laid out in front of you, you have to recruit a team to help you achieve them. The best people for this are fellow actors or others you know in the industry. Their relationships will help you connect with people and create more opportunities for you down the road. You also need the support of your friends and family—people that believe in you and will support you every step of the way.

Your team should consist of family and friends of course, but you also need professional help for your team. Get acting coaches and classes on your side as well to help you hone your skills and consistently build your talent every day. You can call this team your accountability team. Its members will hold you accountable to all of your goals and help you achieve them one by one until you make it in Hollywood.

Kim Tassinari has the support and love of her friends and family as she tries to start a second career for herself. She was a doctor with her own practice in the Hollywood hills for fifteen years. When she retired, she decided to start her life again as an actor. She says she is thankful for the help of her support structure and accountability team so far.

Kim Tassinari - Finding Success in the Acting Industry

Aspiring actors and actresses, no matter their age, can succeed faster by following a few basic tips and time-tested steps. Take Kim Tassinari, for example. This promising actress began her pursuits after she retired from her career as a physician. She has already landed roles in theater productions and television commercials.

Understanding that the first year of acting will be the hardest of all helps acting talent weather the rejections and less-glamorous jobs. No one wants to start on the bottom rung, but most people don't have a choice. Patience and understanding is what gets talent through these times, helps them build their portfolios and, ultimately, assists them in landing better gigs.

Acting talent should also know their type before they walk into interviews. They must be the right age, weight and height for the role that they're auditioning for. In addition, they should have the right personality. Finding a type can require soul searching for actors and actresses, but it will help them obtain success at auditions.

In addition to acting-specific steps, dedicating daily time and effort to finding new work helps any career succeed. During the first difficult year of acting, daily gig searching helps actors and actresses build their portfolios faster. Spending even a single hour per day making calls, reading trades and doing mailings boosts an acting career.

Relatively fresh acting talent like Kim Tassinari can begin finding success in the industry by following these tried and true tips. It takes time, but with determination and drive, it is possible for new talent to find roles that both make them happy and pay the bills.

Kim Tassinari - Treating an Acting Career Like the Human Body

When an actor or actress is trying to establish a career, much like Kim Tassinari began doing after she retired from her career as a doctor, picking an area to focus on helps to land roles. Acting talent can liken this to how they must stay in shape, because their looks are as important as acting. For example, if an actor or actress has poor circulation, a trainer might suggest improving it before tackling the rest of their health. This is similar to how actors and actresses must improve weak parts of acting skills.

When actors and actresses are starting in the field, their talent will be weak in several areas. This can be likened to someone who is out of shape and is starting to exercise. Budding actors and actresses can tackle this by checking for glaring problems and fixing those first. For example, if the talent has never researched improvisational acting, then it is a good place to start. Once they have brushed up on improv, they can move onto audition techniques or other areas that need help.

Another way that an acting career is like the human body is that talent must keep training all of their acting skills. Just as athletes can't train their arms to perfection once and then quit training them, an actor or actress cannot train a skill once and then never again. Even famous actors and actresses will pledge that continued acting education is mandatory for success.

Actress Kim Tassinari keeps her skills in check by both acting on the theater stage and in television commercials. She hopes to move onto larger roles, but she will still maintain her current skills to build a fully-developed acting career.

Kim Tassinari - Acting-Career, Hobby or Both?

When actors and actresses first start, they should ask themselves whether acting will be a career or a hobby. Acting as a career must pay the bills and it is obligated to succeed. Acting as a hobby should be fun and the talent does not need to make it big. Acting as both a hobby and a career, like Kim Tassinari does, allows more room to play. For example, if aspiring actresses and actors want to succeed but they do not feel obligated to do so, they are more likely to have enjoy their career.

Taking pleasure in their work is not optional for most actresses and actors. If acting talent is stressed, anxious or otherwise unhappy, it will show in their roles. Even the best actors and actresses believe that they need to approach roles with a positive mindset. Additionally, the mood and personality of acting talent changes how directors see them. Actors and actresses are more likely to get the parts they audition for if the director likes their personalities.

When acting is approached as a career first and a hobby second, the talent usually maintains a lighthearted approach. An acting career must pay the bills, true, but hobbies are meant to be enjoyed. Keeping this in mind helps make actors or actresses happier people. Acting with this mindset is ideal for actors and actresses who have retired from other careers, much like Kim Tassinari did. She retired after her 15-year career as a doctor so that she could pursue acting. While she hopes to make it big one day, Kim enjoys her acting hobby through her theater and television roles.

  Kim Tassinari - Acting Is All About Action

The biggest step for an actor or actress is the first one. Getting started will take an actor or actress further than anything else. Some people live and die aspiring to be an actor or actress. Stars, on the other hand, have all taken action and pursued their dreams. For example, Kim Tassinari wanted to be an actress, so when she retired from her career as a doctor, she became one. When new acting talent takes the first steps, they get experience that will look good on their resumes and even better in front of a director for an audition.

Many of the people who want to act, but never do, suffer from beginner's paralysis. Starting scares them, so they say that they will do it next year or that they will do it “someday.” Before they know it, though, life passes them by. If aspiring actors and actresses realize that they only need to start, they can begin anytime, no matter their age. Actors and actresses continue getting roles for their entire lives because stories require characters of all ages. Just because the talent didn't start when they were 15 or 20 doesn't mean that the opportunity has passed. Age is a number, auditioning is an action. Action is what's important for acting.

If actors and actresses only land roles in local plays, they still pursued their life dreams, which is more than most people can say. Take Kim Tassinari for example. She was a doctor for 15 year and she even volunteered in the Congo for 2 years, but she still found time to act. She has now enjoyed theater and television commercial roles because she took action.