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Project Ignite

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Getting Started

The purpose of our PD session will be to facilitate discussions planning for the future in terms of innovation at ECD. Also, this will be an opportunity to explore resources related to best practices in early childhood education.

This digital flyer contains resources for kindergarten teachers at Dwight School. General resources for all Timothy House grade levels are included in the iTunes U course developed for Project Ignite.

Please install the iTunes U app and join this course to view all materials.  Keep in mind that these resources are intended for future reference; we will not be covering ALL of the links listed!

Connecting with Dwight Colleagues

This year we started a private Google+ community for Dwight faculty. Please join this group to discover and share resources and goings on within your school. Matt Moran has also been maintaining an academic technology website with professional development information and tutorials.

About This Tackk

Tackk is a free tool for creating digital posters/handouts. It's similar to S'More and perhaps Glogster.  Check out the following example of how a teacher has used Tackk for instruction. Also, check out tech integrationist Lisa Johnson's work with Tackk and other cool tools.

Exploring Kindergarten Possibilities with Technology

Integrating Technology in a Kindergarten Classroom - Tasha Cowdy

Classroom Examples

Exploring iPad Apps

A Few App Recommendations

iPads are amazing devices for content creation, not just consumption! Ideally, educators should strive to provide opportunities for student voice and choice, designing lessons and projects that allow students of all ages to create content. The following apps are more focused on creation than consumption.

Lucy's Early Years List

Other Places to Find Apps

iPad Accessories/Learning Toys

Publishing with Young Children

iBook Examples

Building Your ECE PLN

Early Childhood Blogs



Educators on Twitter

Investigating Making & Tinkering

Thinking About PD Opportunities

Connecting Globally

The first step to connecting globally is to get connected yourself. Use social media to meet other teachers, and you'll find that project opportunities will organically happen. Projects tend to be more successful when professional relationships are established first; people just seem to be more invested if connections happen first.

If you are new to global projects, you'll want to get to the point where you're co-designing experiences for students with virtual colleagues. In the meantime, join existing communities and projects in order to get a feel for the project design process.

Below are a few starting points and exemplars.

Additional ECE Resources

The Chicago-based Erikson Institute has a site devoted to the role of educational technology in early years classrooms.  This site is a unique resource dedicated to helping early childhood professionals and families make informed decisions about tech.

This Evernote notebook contains additional bookmarks to websites that may be of interest to early childhood educators

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