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Mesopotamia is an ancient civilization that dates back all the way to 7000 BC. It is located between two rivers, the Tigris and The Euphrates. Mesopotamia means "The land between rivers" in Greek. Mesopotamia lies between Asia Minor and The Persian gulf. It is all part of a bigger piece of land called The Fertile Crescent.


Mesopotamians invented many things. They invented the wheel, glass and lamp working, flood control, textile weaving, irrigation, and much more. They were also the first people to live in the bronze age. They developed from things such as copper, iron, gold, and bronze. The cities were decorated with these expensive metals. they also used them for weapons such a swords and daggers. Mesopotamians used irrigation to help grow crops. they dug canals to the crops so they could grow, and the people of the villages could eat them. They put up walls to control flooding. Flooding is a good thing because it leaves silt, but it destroyed houses and sometimes killed people, and they couldn't have that. When the rivers were up high the walls would protect the villages instead of destroying them.

click here to learn more about irrigation in Mesopotamia.


The Mesopotamia government was a combination of monarchy and democracy. Kings ruled,but also allowed people to vote. Kings had to ask permission for some things. Emperors ruled some too. The Mesopotamians believed that the Kings and queens were sent down by the gods. Most kings named themselves "great King" or "Shepard". Soon Mesopotamia turned into an empire,and was divided into smaller parts called provinces. The rulers of these empires were called empires.

System Of Writing

The system of writing used by Mesopotamians is called cuneiform. It was developed by ancient Sumerians. You use a clay tablet to carve the symbols or letters into. The tool you use to carve is called a stylus. The person who teaches writing or cuneiform is called a scribe. Children, mostly boys, go to a writing school and learn how to write. Very few people get the privilege to learn that however.

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