King Size Bed Frames: Material, Styles & Buying Tips

Choosing a bed frame is crucial when deciding to change your bed. As the centrerpiece of the bedroom, a king size bed occupies a lots of space because of its size and luxury designs.

Generally speaking, the bed frame can complement the room's size and décor.

A bed frame should adequately support the mattress for optimal sleeping posture. This is crucial if you want to feel healthy and well-rested. Therefore, you should take your time when selecting the bed frame, do an advanced research about your options and choose one of the many king size bed frames. Choose a bed frame that will match your overall room décor.

Bedroom Style

Deciding on a bed frame style means considering the right king size bed frame. It should give a nice balance to your overall bedroom style. If you have small bedroom, you should think carefully as king size bed frames can overwhelm your entire room.

Consider The Bedroom Size

King size beds are great as they offer plenty of comfortable sleeping space for two people. But, as we all know they are large and occupy a lot of space in the bedroom. Hence, when selecting a bed frame, you should give some thought to the size of your bedroom. The standard Australian king size bed frame dimensions are 183 x 203cm, but when we take into consideration the side panels, headboards and footboards, it can really become bulky. So, before making any decision, consider the size of your bedroom.

Bed Frame Materials

When it comes to bed frame materials, you can choose between wood, metal, fabric, leather or upholstered frames. So, when selecting a material, you should consider which material will match to your overall bedroom style. However, you should also look for the most durable material since the bed is an investment that should last long.

King-Size Bed Frame Styles

King size bed frames come in many different styles in order to match different tastes and bedroom styles. You can choose between

  • Platform bed (Simple and clean line. The frame does not extend further than the size of the mattress.)
  • Poster bed (These bed frames can be straight or carved. The frame can be draped with fabric for additional privacy and more intimate look. They are perfect for rooms with high ceilings).
  • Storage bed (These types of beds have storage space underneath. They are perfect for small bedrooms as you can keep things underneath it).
  • Sleigh bed (Traditional and elegant style beds that can add perfectly to a rustic bedroom decor).

How To Buy A Bed Frame

Fortunately, today you can find different types of king size bed frames at different furniture shops.

You can also purchase bed frame online through retail stores or directly from a particular manufacturer. However, before making any decision, do an online research about the chosen online store, its reliability, customer service and delivery options.