King Kong


This Musical brings the legend King Kong back from 1933 New York and brings life into the regent Thetar in Melbourne. This musical is based on the film King Kong which has been a reproduced movie in 2005. Originally the film was created in 1993 in New York. This musical brings amazement to the audience. It has received many fabulous reactions and reviews. People say that it is once in a life time experience.

King Kong features a cast of more than 50 people. It takes the audience to a whole different dimension, Skull land. This multi- million production contains many different themes and genres such as romance and adventure.

Peter England

Peter's Biography

Peter graduated Performing Arts in Design in 1994 at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in 1986, at the University of NSW.

Peter was awarded with many awards such as the Helpmann Award for Best Scenic Design in 2001 and 2002. As well as the Helpmann Award for best set design for 2001,2002,2004 and 2013.Also the Victorian Green Room Award for Best Opera Design in 1998 and also 2002 and the NIDA Mike Walsh Fellowship in 1997. In 2002 Peter was a finalist in the international design competition for the Pentagon Memorial inWashington, DC.

Set Design

To build King Kong it took five years in development and four years in the animatronics workshop. For Peter, it started with him and the producer Carmen Pavlovic, thinking whether they can put King Kong into theatre . Peter says that the challenge was that the motion of the story was between two islands , Manhattan and Skull Island. Peter was inspired by the cross intersection between Broadway and the Seventh Avenue and that it was a intersection of cultures. The team worked so much for the scenery in Skull Island to be during night time which one of the scenes would be with the full moon.

Making of King Kong

Final Set


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