What is the Difference Between King and Queen Size Bed?

When we talk about size of beds in bedrooms then first thing that cross our mind are two most popular size of beds, king and queen size bed. These two beds are the same by many factors, but the only difference between them is the width of the bed. King size bed is big comfortable bed and its dimensions are 203 cm long and 193 cm wide. On the other side, queen size bad is also 203 cm long and wide just 152 cm.

On the market there are also some non-standard bed size, some bigger some smaller then king and queen size bed, and the most popular non-standard bed is California king size bed. This bed is also wide like king size 193 cm, but a bit longer, 10 cm. This king size bed is often used so now days it can be found as standard king size bad and also new bed frames for sale, but with another name, california king size bed. There is also california queen size bed and it is 152 cm wide and 203 cm long.