Kingston Walker

me and Jackson made a code to program a robot to  


  1. Today the class room had all been working on a squishy circuit, snap circuit, and Arduino blinking breadboard. My group had a made a dragon that had lit up eyes. Our inspiration was a car but we did a dragon instead of a car because it was better. we had a lot of fun. i learned that the three circuits need a power source and then a place where the power goes. my group was Yassir, Jordan, Jackson.

Day 3

Today  our class was doing breadboards, satering, online Breadboards, and other group played canabalt with makeymakey as a controler

I had a lot of fun

day 4

Today  we had a rough but fun day, learning about motors, soldering. The machine we were using was a bubble machine. The machine had failed because the fan blade was shaped the wrong way. The fan was sucking in the bubbles into the fan, we found it was curved. if the fane blade were flat the fan would work. There are three types of components in a circuit Voltage, Current, Resistance. I was a solderer!

day 4

Today we made led logos with a battery, 3 LEDS. They were wearables. then we desided the prodject.

Day 6

Today I had lot of fun because      we went out side and did Makey makey,  propellers, and more. the propeller was created out of battery, motors, an plastic. the makey controlled canabalt the game. I was in group 4.  The Makey makey had to be controlled by paper and led.

day 7

Today we tried to modify a key board and a wearable project. My project is going to be a atari punk console that uses square waves to make sounds. The sounds are very interesting. I was working with 3 other people. I had fun.