Wonder  Character in the Spotlight:Olivia

by:Kinsey Clark

Character's Tie to Theme

I think that Olivia's theme is being left out.  I think that because most of the story she felt left out.  Especially when her parents treat August like a baby.  They do this when Olivia needs them the most.  When Miranda and her other friend left Olivia out of the group is when Miranda and the other friend started dressing and acting differently.  It made her feel that she was not loved and not that good for people.

Character Influences

I think August and Justin have the biggest impact on Olivia. I think that because August gets all the attention and she doesn't.  That makes a big impact.  She also has to deal with people making fun of August's face.  Justin makes an impact on her life because he never leaves her out, and he doesn't make fun of August's face.  I think Olivia influences August because when she told him that mom and dad are treating him like a baby is when he finally realized that he was treated like a baby.  So he asked his parents to stop. They stopped treating him like a baby.  That makes a big impact in August's life and Olivia caused it.

My picture is of the Girl With a Pearl Earring. The painter is Johunnes Vermeer.  I think this picture is like Olivia because they are both beautiful and graceful.  Just like Justin said,  "Olivia is beautiful."  I also think that because Olivia and the girl in the picture look a little left out.  Just like the theme I did.