• Mesopotamia had large temples, usually in the center of the town. Gods included: The (Moon God), Nanna and his wife Ningal. Enlil the (God of air), Enki (God of Wisdom), Inanna ( God of love and war), and Utu ( ( God of the Sun). Mesopotamia had Priests who preformed high ceremonies. The people of the town were very serious about their Religion, because if they disobeyed they thought they were doing no justice to the Gods.

System of Writing

The System of Writing included Cuneiform, Cuneiform was the first system of writing. To write they used a special tool made out of clay.    

Another system of writing is the 282 laws. These laws were the first to be engraved into a large temple, the temple was placed in the middle of town so everybody could see and obey the rules. They could not read them but they knew they were there. The emperor told the people of the town that the laws were from the Gods, this is because if they break a rule they think the are doing no justice to the Gods, so It makes them follow the laws.      

Job Specialization

Jobs were important in Mesopotamia, Farming was a big part of Mesopotamia because of the foods that were planted. Another job was potters, potters are the people who made pots and pans. The pots and pans were used for anything such as cooking, carrying or filling with water. Merchants were also important because they sold products such as food or clothing, they also traded with people. Slaving was also a job, slaves worked as farmers, maids, cooks, or they knitted cotton. Having a slave was not right but back then it was a job. Soldiers worked hard to protect Mesopotamia because many people wanted to conquer Mesopotamia because of its great fetchers. Soldiers had to build walls over the town to protect.  These are just a few of all of the jobs in Mesopotamia!

Additional Imformation

Mesopotamia is in between the Tigris (to the east) and the Euphrates (to the west) Northeast of the Persian Gulf and west of the Mediterranean Sea. They also built sewers under the town so people would not throw poop out of their window, and spread dieses.

This video is telling more facts about Mesopotamia, that may have not been mentioned in my project. I hope you enjoyed !