Theme=Universal truth

By Kinsley Raye Johns and Lacy Ryser

Our Theme:
Groups Depend on conflict to stick together!

I think the theme means that if you are in trouble or a fight if you stick with friends or family you will get through all the hard times that you are going through.

How does the theme relate to
The Outsiders!

The book relates to the outsiders like whenever the rumble was happening the Greasers always stuck together. Like whenever the Soc was kicking Ponyboy  Soda went over and beat him up. No matter what happens the Greasers will stick together because they know if they do everything will be okay.

Evidence from the book!

1. When Johnny killed Bob and Pony and Johnny ran away they stayed together all the time because they had to watch over each other to make sure they didn't get hurt, caught,or found by anyone.

2. When the Socs found out that Bob was dead they all had to stick together because if they didn't they would all result to fighting, and hurting other people.

3.When Dally and Johnny died the whole gang stuck together because they knew if they did they could get through it.

How does this relate to real life!

This theme relates to real life because when there is any conflict in your life you don't want to be alone you need someone to help you control yourself and your emotions, you usually go to a friend to get help when you need it. So this would mean these conflicts help build relationships with your group of friends

Evidence from real life!

Some evidence that is found in real life situations is if someone you love dies (family member, friend, or pet) and you are very sad you often turn to your family or a group of friends that you love and trust ( this builds your relationship with these people) and you have to stay around these people so you can feel better, not be depressed, and sad at the loss of this loved one and that's why we think it is true that groups depend on conflict to stick together.

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