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Kirk Brannan - An Experienced Tax Attorney

Kirk Brannan knows that everyone with tax debt issues is in a unique situation, and everyone’s tax issues arise or occur due to a different set of circumstances. As a qualified and experienced tax attorney at Brannan Law Firm, Brannan works with each individual client to determine the reasons for their unique situation, and to then plan a course of action that will achieve the best solution possible.

Kirk Brannan, who founded Brannan Law Firm in 2004, offers clients the value of insight, knowledge of and experience both working and negotiating with the IRS, something that often helps save clients a considerable amount on their unresolved tax debt. Both Brannan and his team have an in-depth understanding of both Texas state and Federal tax law, and are prepared to go to work right away towards a viable solution that will reduce and even eliminate the stress and strain of unpaid taxes.

Kirk Brannan looks to maintain open communication with every client, allowing him to accurately gauge each individual’s unique situation, to make an honest assessment of what is going on and to then devise the best solution possible to their problems. The only thing both Brannan and his team ask from their clients is their trust and their willingness to keep them informed, as the more information is made available to Brannan and his team, the more effective they can be in pursuing satisfactory results in each case.

Though Brannan can’t guarantee specific results, he can promise both diligence and vigilance when it comes to providing the best advice, making an honest assessment and negotiating on behalf of the client.

Kirk Brannan assumed complete ownership of Brannan Realty in 1984, and worked to transform the family-owned real estate firm into the best and most prosperous in the field of Surfside Beach resort property real estate. Soon after becoming full owner of the firm, Brannan began to automate both the resort management and Brokerage sales aspects of the company, helping to streamline how business was done and working towards company growth and prosperity that continues to this day.

Kirk Brannan is proud of what the Brannan Realty team has been able to achieve over the last 30 years, as well as the reputation for excellence the company has earned in the fields of home buying, home selling and resort property management over its more than 50 years of existence. Brannan maintains the company’s commitment to high-quality, client-focused services and attention, a philosophy that has underlined company operation, and fueled company success, for more than 50 years.

Kirk Brannan’s goal is, and has always been, to provide home buyers and sellers the best services possible throughout every real estate transaction, and to ensure that the process is both efficient and effective for every client. He understands the magnitude of a real estate transaction in anybody’s life, and works towards ensuring that process is as smooth, convenient and rewarding as possible.

Brannan Realty takes pride in earning repeat business, something only possible through an unwavering commitment to the needs of the client in every situation. The value of significant real estate experience and expertise can be found at Brannan Realty, a proven leader in Surfside Beach resort property real estate.

Kirk Brannan - Alleviating the Fear of Looming Tax Debt

The greatest problem many people have when facing a mounting tax debt to the IRS is fear; the fear of going up against an organization with a seemingly endless pool of resources and avenues when it comes to collecting on that debt. As professional tax attorney Kirk Brannan knows, this fear can lead to many sleepless nights, family quarrels and an almost unmanageable level of apprehension and anxiety, and can quickly become all-consuming.

Kirk Brannan and the Brannan Law Firm team are here to help alleviate the fear caused by mounting tax debt, working on the behalf of every client to not only mitigate and manage the controversy it causes, but to also provide peace of mind when and where it’s needed the most. A leader in professional tax resolution and representation for more than a decade, Brannan Law Firm takes control over the client’s situation, stepping in-between the client and the IRS to manage the process and to pursue the best solution possible within the law.

Kirk Brannan provides the representation clients need to get on with their lives; to once again live a life free of worry over IRS creditors continually knocking on their door. His team understands just how fast the IRS acts when it comes to collecting on a person’s debt, which is why they step in to regain control over the situation while working towards a stress-free solution that saves the client time, money and frustration.

Visit the firm’s website today at to find out what their tax resolution professionals can do for you.

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